Welcome to SOCIAL BIZ CONNECT presentation. I will share with you on how to make money online and I am pretty sure by the time you are through reading this very post, you will have made your mind to make a change in your life. ENJOY.
I am a believer in dreams. One of my most favorite mentors by the name DR Myles Monroe says that the poorest man in the world is a man without dreams in life. Hecontinues and says that the most disappointed man in the world is the man whose dreams has not yet come true. To cut the long story short, Dreams act as your direction in Life thus, you also need some goals and dreams to achieve in our business. Here are some of the examples but as you list down your long, medium and short term goals, remember to make them SMART.
Regardless of the size and the type of dream that you have, the million dollar question is here for you. REMEMBER, A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY COMES ONCE IN A LIFETIME!
Most probably your answer is a NO. Therefore, you need a new direction and that’s what I am about to show you.
Before I share with you the opportunity, I want you to admit that you are using ICT digital products. Also you need to admit that most jobs and businesses have moved online, so should you.
Now lets get to the business of the day. Who is Social Biz Connect?
There you have it folks.With the registration details you can do your own verifications.
AS A company we have products and services that we offer to the market place.
1. A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web (www).
Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center.
2.E-LEARNING. SBC offers online education with very informative e-books and articles in different field i.e. HEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS, FOOD, MAGAZINES, BUSINESS, ONLINE MARKETING etc
SBC markets its services through a very unique and simple concept called network marketing
There are 3 types of membership in SBC:
A free member gets assess to SBC  free platform and get the latest newsletters of articles updated every week.
A pro agent gets access to all the SBC services and gets a chance to build a team of other pro agents by referring others
How do SBC offer opportunities?
Socialbizconnect SBC offers opportunity in that, instead of it going to social medial to advertise itself like safaricom, cocacola, fibre on TV stations, it gives the its customers the opportunity to advertise and market the products and services on its behalf and they make a job replacing income in commissions.How does one get started?
In network marketing you purchase the products and services ,use them and recommend others to use, SBC products and services is subscribed once in a year. This is a one off investment.
To get started with SBC, you purchase its products i.e websites and domains, web hosting space, own email info@, e-learning materials all at $88/ ksh 7,920 annually  ( avg ksh 660 monthly).
Once you purchase the products, you are trained on how to host your domain and design your website. There is members training (soon it will offer webinar online training). You can go ahead to build team of online marketers by referring friends to use the same products.
How do you get paid?
Like bloggers, once you have your website, you can design and start writing your articles and also place adverts on your website. Use your website to grow your business if you have one, or advertise others’ businesses.
Since you have reseller license, you can use the opportunity to become an agent(customer) and represent the company in marketing it products. This by getting customers (including your friends or companies who need websites and private emails) and earn commissions of $50 out of $88 which is distributed to 5 levels.
You earn $10 commissions at each to level 5. All customers you sell the products to directly are termed as level 1 or directs. Those customers sold to by your directs become your level 2 next level3, level4 level 5.
The people that you refer directly to join SBC are called DIRECT REFERRALS – They join your LEVEL 1. Each person in level 1 pays you $10.
Your LEVEL 2 is comprised of people who are referred by your direct referrals in level 1- You earn $10. That is if you refer John, then JOHN  refers Mary, MARY will be your level 2.When she upgrades, JOHN will earn $10 and you will earn $10.
LEVEL 3 are agents referred by your level 2 members i.e. when Mary refers another person. The person will be in your level 3. You EARN $10.
LEVEL 4 you earn $10 and so is LEVEL 5.
so if you only refer 5 and teach the 5 how to refer others ,this will be your potential earnings.
Assuming everyone refers 5
Month 1
You get your 5 Sales in LEVEL 1. That becomes 5 x $10. You will earn $50
5X $10 = $50 Monthly Income.
Month 2
Help the 5 to get their 5 Sales each. That becomes 25 sales in total.
25X $10 = $250. Add the $50 from last month. Accumuulatively you shall earn $300
Month 3
Help the 25 get their 5 Sales each. That becomes 125 sales in total.
125 X $10 = $1250. Add the $300 from last month.
Month 4
The 125 get their 5 Sales. That becomes 625 sales in total.
625 X $10 = $6250. Add the $440 from the previous month. Accumulatively you shall earn $ 7850
Month 5
Each of 625 sell to 5 ,L5 3125 customers earn 3125 x $10= $31250
Since subscription is annually, everyone in the sales team renews their account within the year ie the same month and date they subscribed which fall which the year. This summation of commissions is $39050 per Year.
Approximating over Ksh 3,319,000 annually.
Monthly 3.19M/12 months= ksh 276,000
NOTE that No one is limited to width. You can recommend even upto 1000 people. This power of 5 is just an attainable and average number of people you can have in your network and income you can make with only 5 and teaching them. Think of going with power of 10. Get 10 and teach them to get 10 each.
Your income will keep growing forever as sales team increase in your team. The more you assist others, the more people in your team and the more income. Good news is, there is no corruption, nepotism or tribalism. You can introduce your close relati

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